Facts and News!

On Politics:
India held general elections this year .The results of which were announced on 16 May 2009.The results were that the United Progressive Alliance led by the Indian National Congress  won  262 seats where as the National Democratic Alliance led by  Bharatiya Janata Party conceded defeat with only 157 seats.
After an overwhelming victory the Indian National Congress is all set to form the new government under the incumbent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who is the second Prime Minister of India after Jawaharlal Nehru to be re-elected after a complete five year tenure.
On a lighter note…
What the party symbols actually mean?
Why is the Samajwadi Party’s symbol a cycle?
Because after its proposed ban on English and the use of computers, that’s all we’ll be able to afford.

Why is the symbol of the Congress ‘Hand’?
To remind us our fate is forever in the hands of one family.

Why is BJP symbol ‘Lotus’?
Lotus is the symbol of Saraswati and learning. BJP will educate us through the wisdom of Varun Gandhi and Praveen Togadia

Why is Mayawati’s symbol ‘Elephant’?
They walk in herds.

Why is jayalalitha’s symbol ‘two leaves’?
Because that’s what remained after Amma ate up all the fruit.

Why is DMK’s symbol ‘Sun’?
So that Karunanidhi can justify wearing shades indoors for the rest of his life.

Why is Laloo’s  symbol ‘Laltain’?
Because there’s no electricity in Bihar.

Why is Sharad Pawar’s symbol ‘Clock’?
Because his time never seems to come.

Why is Shiv Sena’s symbol ‘Bow and Arrow’?
Do you really need to know?! =D

On Sociology:
One of the various amusing rituals that we find in our Indian culture:
One of the most striking ceremonies related to bow and arrows, is furnished by the Todas of the Nilgheri hills. This tribe has a ceremony called pursütpimi (literally, “bow and arrow we touch”), in which a man gives a bow and arrow to a pregnant woman; it is this man who for all social purposes is the father of the child, being regarded as the father even if he has had nothing to do with the woman before.
On History:
The History of Music
” Without music, life would be a mistake”- Nietzsche

Music is pretty much a part of all our lives, and I decided that the history of music is probably one of the most fascinating things to write about. And so this is a short article on the history and evolution of music as we know it.
The study of music is an official science, called musicology, and the history of music is a central branch. Since music is present in virtually every culture we have studied, historians believe that it has been around for around 50,000 years. Historical Musicology attempts to study manuscripts that went into the music, in addition to musical methods. But this mainly deals with classical, or art music. The music we listen to, which musical historians vaguely classify into popular music,
Most ancient tribal cultures had some kind of music, usually used in celebration. For many thousands of years, the phrase music referred to not only music, but also to geometry, algebra and astronomy, because music was dervied from the Latin word Musica, which refers to the Muses, the goddesses of inspiration, and to do any of this, you need to be inspired. And then in the 1900s, music went from being a formal affair, in which only the elite could participate, slowly into something that every one could love.
All you need for something to be music, is for you to hear it and know you love it!
On Psychology:
In life, there are several times when we say we are afraid of something. Sometimes we even call it a phobia. But usually our fear is limited to normal things such as fear of the dark or of cockroaches. But have you ever wondered what life is like for a person with some of the most weirdest, wackiest phobias known to man???
Check it out!
Bald people — Peladophobia
Bathing — Ablutophobia (usually felt by boys of age 7-10 )
Beds or going to bed — Clinophobia
Chins — Geniophobia
Decisions: making decisions — Decidophobia
Duty or responsibility, neglecting — Paralipophobia (very understandable isn’t it?)
Freedom — Eleutherophobia
Gravity — Barophobia
Ideas — Ideophobia
Infinity — Apeirophobia
Kissing — Philemaphobia or Philematophobia(!)
.Light — Photophobia
Looking up — Anablephobia or Anablepophobia
Love, falling or being in – Philophobia
Mother-in-law — Pentheraphobia (A very common phobia actually)
Names — Nomatophobia
Peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth — Arachibutyrophobia
Phobias — Phobophobia
Sleep — Somniphobia
Teeth — Odontophobia
Thinking — Phronemophobia
Ugliness — Cacophobia
Words, long — Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (ironic, isn’t it?)

Samiksha Jalan, Student Representative, Spectrum

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