The previous Friday and Saturday Pierian Spring conducted a workshop on ‘Radio Scripting’. We weren’t just taught about preparing a good script, Ms. Geetanjali from Decibel, the Christ University radio station also gave us an insight into the working of a radio station.

The polished script we hear, is delivered to us by the RJ. But the RJ alone does not constitute the whole radio station. We were made familiar with the roles of a music manager, producer, editer, etc.

Those who like to stay innocuous or those who like to remain behind the scenes, but yet have an inclination to radio, were shown the beacon of light they’d have to follow. All the future RJs were shown the method of preparing an “air” worthy script with its logs, links, etc. Many of them tried their hand at this and were given tips so as to improve its “air” worthiness.

All in all, two good days of work.

Due to popular demand, Pierian Spring will be taking students to the Decibel radio station. This first hand experience of the working of a radio station will help compliment the knowledge already gained.

Along with this small activity, Pierian Spring will conduct the much anticipated and much awaited contest to determine who will be making the trip to Radio Indigo.

Ritvik Pai, Student Representative, Pierian Spring

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