The colossus inauguration that was held on 24 June, 2009 was a smashing hit thanks to the efforts put in by the commerce department and all the students involved. It was an event that not only inspired the students but also gave them something to look forward to. The event gave the students an insight into the various competitions and activities that will be held in the course of the year which helped the students gear up for the coming future. what also helped the students further, were  the encouraging words and experiences shared by the senior members of colossus which helped them connect to their own confused selves making them less uncertain about what they want to do and all the more positive.

The event was a brilliant one but, thanks to the magnetic presence of Mr.Janardhan Subramanian, it was made an unforgettable one.

Mr.Janardhan Subramanian is the Registrar of Christ University and the Dean of faculty of commerce and management. He is a man with tons of experience behind him in varied fields. He has 30 years of industrial experience in not only marketing and management but also banking and law; he was also the Managing Director of a petroleum company in East Africa.

His experience in the field of commerce was definitely a tool in enlightening the students about the ways of the trade.  He stressed on the need for commerce and the potential that us, the commerce students had in an ever growing society and this helped the students to become more confident and certain about their future.

Finally, the event came to an end leaving the students heady with anticipation and rearing to go! Most importantly it left them with the hope to look forward to a future that is bright with numerous possibilities. A dream that could come true.

Noorie Fathima, Student Representative, Colossus

About fathimaspeaks

I'm a vivid dreamer,i like voicing my thoughts, like to be out of the box sought of a rebel you might say,I like being around people,appreciate good sense of humour and detest hypocrisy and heavy sarcasm.
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