SSA Inauguration!

“Welcome. Everybody’s welcome, welcome to this party,  you’re welcome” – Welcome Movie 2007

Every year, Christ college hosts a number of events, each characteristic to a particular club or association. One of them, the Social Sciences Association, known to host the most colourful, entertaining and fun events of them all. This year, as a new family of Christites join us, the SSA held an orientation programme to give the new students a better understanding of its activities.

This year, the faces are not the only thing that has changed for the SSA. The association now has a new logo, a more trendier one to suit the ever changing mind-sets. We also have a new “spectrum track”, a catchy tune that had everyone’s feet tapping.

During the inauguration, the core-committee members were sworn in. The chief guest was Prof. Tommy Kallaracka, the HOD of the department of Commerce,  Christ University.

After the formal event, the SSA members took over and entertained the crowd with two dances and a skit. The dances got most of us on our feet and almost on stage with the performers. The skit was one of its own and was enjoyed by all.

Every year the SSA and its members prove to be more and more creative and dedicated and this year wasn’t any different. 2009 proves to be a very fun-filled one indeed. =)

Samiksha Jalan, Student Representative, Spectrum

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