Get geared up for an exciting week for the much awaited CRISIS MANAGEMENT preliminaries are finally going to be underway on Monday the 24th August, 2009.

For those who aren’t acquainted with this competition here’s a little help.

  • Teams of only 4 are allowed.
  • A couple of thorny situations are given to you of whose feasible solutions the participants need to give.
  • Solutions to the crisis given will be in written.
  • Solutions should be realistic not a result of your fantasies.

P.S: Those who have a way with squeezing themselves out from chaotic situations should definitely give this a shot.

Noorie Fathima, Student Representative, Colossus

About fathimaspeaks

I'm a vivid dreamer,i like voicing my thoughts, like to be out of the box sought of a rebel you might say,I like being around people,appreciate good sense of humour and detest hypocrisy and heavy sarcasm.
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