If  your thinking that the recent crisis preliminary was the only spice in an all too predictable week, well think again, for the week just got spicier ….

Brace yourselves for a boisterous Friday for the business quiz is here to help bring this week to an impressive close. So don your thinking caps and polish those brains for you’re sure going to need it coz this one’s going to be no  smooth sail.

With the promise of questions that demand the best from your ingenious side, this is one competition that will test your knowledge to the farthest corner of your brain.

Getting to the more cardinal side:

  • Teams of 2 are allowed.
  • The preliminary and the finals will be held on the same day.
  • Answers will be in written.

Make sure you come prepared for you don’t want to be left squirming in your seats, which this event also happens to promise.:)

Noorie Fathima, Student Representative, Colossus

About fathimaspeaks

I'm a vivid dreamer,i like voicing my thoughts, like to be out of the box sought of a rebel you might say,I like being around people,appreciate good sense of humour and detest hypocrisy and heavy sarcasm.
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