“Brand” Barack Obama

Barack Obama! Need I say more? His name generates varied thoughts among the varied population of the world. But all these thoughts have one thing in common, they are all positive. The most popular man in the world, the most powerful man in the world is now also a Nobel Laureate after winning the Nobel Prize for Peace 2009.

But all said and done, does Barack Obama deserve the award?

When one puts aside the history, emotions, and dwells on the merits on which he was awarded the prize on a cold, dark night, a few doubts do arise.

Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for his efforts to strengthen world diplomacy and rid the world of nuclear weapons. Barack Obama’ s efforts to strengthen world diplomacy have not yet bared fruit or something noteworthy. Iran hasn’t abandoned its nuclear weapons program while pirates roam the waters off the Somalian coast like its their own backyard. Barack Obama made a speech about bringing the U.S. and the Muslim world closer, but no major treaties have been signed. He has made speeches about making Earth a nuclear free world, again no concrete agreements have been concluded. All very good intentions but nothing to show for them.

Barack Obama is the commander-in-chief of an army fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here lies the irony.

Barack Obama is just nine months into his presidency.There were 204 other contenders with at least a few who have devoted decades to further the cause of peace and have milestones to show for it.

So did “brand” Barack Obama win the award. Did his charisma win when compared to the achievements of the other contenders? Make no bones about it, I am a big supporter of Barack Obama but have a few doubts creeping into my mind whether he actually deserved the award.

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