Lost in the Paradise!

Prakruthi, the Eco Club commenced its activities, before the beginning of the academic year with an outing programme for us, students. The programme was bird watching and the venue was the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens. The Eco Club team was accompanied by Prof. P U Antony, Professor & Head of the Department of Zoology, Christ University. He gave us information about common birds available in Bangalore and shared a few tips about the art of bird watching.

 As we set out on our mission, we spotted birds like Woodpecker, Parakeets, Jungle Crow, Common House Crow and Sparrows. Near the lake premises, we spotted a few aquatic birds like White breasted Kingfisher, Purple Moor Hen, Pond Heron, White breasted Water Hen, Spotbilled Pelican, Large Carmorant, Common Egret and Pond Heron, all of these being part of the aquatic ecosystem. Besides bird watching, we also visited  the water recycling unit in the premises. At the end of our trip, we learnt that natural resources, be it avifauna or water, need to be conserved for future generations! Looking forward to yet another close encounter with Nature.

Prakruthi, The Eco Club

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