Racing against the eye brow raiser – Racism.

“As you grow older you see white men cheat black men everyday, but it only shows that however rich he is, he is a trash.”-Harper Lee.

Racism is not a new issue. People kept racist thoughts and wrote short stories, novels, dramas, poetry and other works that depicted their thoughts. Some people were also of the opinion that racist feelings and thoughts should be highlighted as to eradicate them from the minds of people but the people who were attacked by racism felt that the people highlighting the issue of racism are making it more confirmed. They thought the works of racism as hostile for themselves.

Some areas of racism  include that of the dark-color-skinned population being segregated from whites and groups ganging up against people of a colored skin. Areas of racism that have changed dramatically include the amount of criticism of the groups.

Some people have always looked down upon the dark skinned population for generations. When the United States was formed, black colored people from Africa were used as slaves, looked at them merely as property and not as human beings. Many people have always believed that whites are the supreme power and beings.

It hurts me that we ( who also enjoy reading racist novels and find the description of South Indians amusing!), cease to evolve as human beings, making our entire race seeming biased on a concept- just skin deep.

Racism is not an ability that people are born with, but it is based on how an individual is raised and what they learn when they are younger. There are many solutions in the world to prevent racism. However, this does not mean that such attempts would put an end to racism because racism will exist as long as we live. But what the Government  and the public can do is to help minimize racism. It is a shame that many people feel such hatred towards a group but maybe if they try to deal with the change and personal frustrations maturely, they will be able to get more comfortable around the minority groups. People are people and if one can be broad minded, and are not biased on individuals, on their skin color and accept them as hey are, it would be a significant step towards minimizing racism.

Varsha K R, CSA Member

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