Beginning the Colossal Ride!

Its time for the new ride! With all the eyeballs turning towards the super vibrant Colossus Club, there is a lot happening from day one.

Ask us why, we’d say nothing happens small with us! Oh boy, its Colossus!

With the selection of Event Managers and Resource persons for the new academic year, the club stood upright testifying the energy flow and ever-vibrant attitude that sets our trademark where ever you go…

College can at times make things predictable, but here, we have something for all you aspiring business heroes that’ll get your adrenaline away from the standstill mode! You know what it is, yes! Our first competition- :Business Launch is on its way. For those of you not too sure about it, here are the general rules:

All you have to do is to launch your business (just about anything that interests you) in the market and show off your entrepreneurial skills and creativity.

A team of maximum six members is allowed to present for not more than six minutes…

Give us your synopsis by 2nd June.

See you at the Finals on 4th June!

Good Luck!

Happy Journey… 🙂

Shruthi. E.N, Student Representative, Colossus

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2 Responses to Beginning the Colossal Ride!

  1. manu1293 says:

    Is this competition only for commerce students??

  2. shruthien says:

    yes! Business Launch is only for Commerce Students 🙂

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