General Quiz Prelims…

Hey you all folks ,

Sedes Minerva – The QUIZ CLUB organized general
quiz prelims  yesterday and guess what …. The quiz master was none
other than our X president of our club , BHARGAVA!!
There were  many good questions like whats the name of the logo of the
micro blogging giant ‘twitter’ ?? And also a really lame question
which was a sitter !! “you had to recognise the person  from the photo
and guess who it was Barrack Hussain Obama !!
if you want to know the all the quiz questions you can get it here …
The results of the prelims and the date of the finals will be put up
here so stay tuned …

Student Representative, Sedes Minerva

About Pavan Kumar Kaushik

A proud Indian who loves nature, physics and Open Source Software and passionate about being a teacher....
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1 Response to General Quiz Prelims…

  1. Pavan says:

    sorry guys forgot to hyper link the ppt…
    the link is
    you can download it from there…

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