QUIZ Results are OUT!!

The General quiz prelims results are out…

in random order

Team 1 –

Rashmi Nayar                               – 09p0170 (II B)

Neeraj .V.K                                    – 09p0156 (II B)

Sarabdeep Singh                          – 09p0157 (II B)

Team 2 – (no names)




Team 3 –

V. Arjun                                          – 09p1265(II I)

Arjun K Raju                                 – 09p1201(II I)

Arun S                                             – 09p0307(II C)

Team 4 –

Pavan Kumar Kaushik               – 09p1254(II I)

Yogesh Chellapa                          – 09p1266(II I)

Akhil .J.A                                      -09p1216(II I)

Team 5 –

Suprotim   Sinha                            -09p0314(II C)

Ameya M Talanki                        -09p1217(II I)

Prajwal                                          -09p0324(II C)

Team 6 –

Simon                                            -09p1209(II I)

Jagath                                           -09p1222(II I)

Sabareesh                                     -09p1228(II I)

Congratulations for all the finalists…. and for those who could’nt make it to the finals there’s always called a next time!!!

and once again who couldn’t come to the prelims, the quiz questions are     HERE

p.s – just click the text  “HERE“

About Pavan Kumar Kaushik

A proud Indian who loves nature, physics and Open Source Software and passionate about being a teacher....
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