Business Collage

Every thing in life, however serious it may seem, catches our eye the moment it turns artistic. That’s probably how man is designed… And it was to bring out that approach through creativity,  that Colossus conducted BUSINESS COLLAGE on 9th July. Unsurprisingly, almost a hundred teams took part.

The topic given was Corporate Social Responsibility.

Of course, every bit of the all-important phrase was worth its selection considering the quality of work that came out. Innovation, creativity, content, originality, cleanliness and all other parameters were carefully worked out.

As it has to be, the three teams that emerged as winners, also contributing points to their classes were:

First place:

Yashi. S

Kavya Iyer

Shwetal. P


Second place:

Supriya Reddy

Swati prasad

Priyanka Rao


Third place:





Congrats to the winners and cheers to the participants for keeping the spirits high! 🙂

Shruthi E.N, Student Representative, Colossus

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1 Response to Business Collage

  1. varshakr says:

    truly it was a wonderful experience with all the mess and the topic was very different, put our minds into a thinking process and gives a message to the society!! it was good to see creativity from the first years also!! so rock on colossus!! 😀 😀

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