Lecture Contest Results

Results of lecture contest held in month June/July 2010

Department of Biology

1st Position: Prikanka M.V.P; 09P0509

2nd Position: Viniha Verghese; 09P0094

3rd Position:  Swetha .B; 10P0347

Department of Physics

1st Position:  Bhavana; 10P0220

2nd Position:  Chitra .S. Ready; 10P1217

3rd Position:  Amrita Arjun; 09P0174

Department of Electronics

1st Position:  Pavan Kumar .K, 09P1254

2nd Position: Sangeetha R, 09P1088

3rd Position:  Chitra; 10P1217

Department of Chemistry

1st Position: Peter Suraj .J; 09P0461

2nd Position: Abdul Kadhar; 09P0164

3rd Position:  Siddha Raj; 09P0224

Department of Mathematics

1st Position: Susan Kurian; 09P0074

2nd Position: Rohan V.T; 09P1371

3rd Position:  K. Priyanka; 10P1429

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