Scientia Galore – Ecstasy of  Science


August 23rd to 27th, 2010

Do you have childlike curiosity?

‘College to tuition and then back home ‘is this what science students have to do? No ways ! Here in Christ Junior College we are not only taught what’s there in texts but we are taught to explore new things which bring in all Christites, a childlike curiosity. Science week is organized every year by Science Forum in such a fashion that it becomes a pathway which takes students out of their ‘textbook sense’ of science.

Science week is hence rightfully named ‘Scientia Galore – Ecstasy of Science’. Scientia means science and galore means abundance. Thus it totally means abundance of science.

Firstly it was Biology Day (on 23/08/2010). The Biology Department  organized a photography competition on the topic ‘Biodiversity’ where our talented photographers contested with their piece of excellent work. Secondly there was the ‘Bio – Terminology Quiz’ from 12:00noon – 1:00pm where our geniuses had to prove their brains in terminologies. The Biology Department  also organized a lecture on Biodiversity of India by Mr. Jaya Kumar from IFS. It was the pleasure of all Christites to watch the specimens displayed the stalls of Sericulture and medicinal plants as well as interesting charts put up in the quadrangle.

On 24/08/2010 was Physics Day where the Department of Physics  organized three competitions. First one being ‘Why of Physics?’, the second being ‘Pick and Speak’ and the third being ‘Taboo’. There were also demonstration of experiments by Vishveshwaraya Museum and students of CJC. There was also display of colourful charts in the quadrangle.

The next day was Chemistry Day (25/08/2010). Many of the science students may get disillusioned on the sight of chemical equations. But almost all of them will love the colourful and vibrant chemical changes. The Department of Chemistry  organized two competitions – one was a quiz on visual diversity and the other was Yin – Yang view and Counter View. Other activities of the day were ‘Fun in Chemistry’, ‘Periodic Table Scramble’ and display of charts. We also had demonstrations of experiments by Vishveshwaraya Museum.

On 26/08/2010 was the Day of Mathematics. The competitions organized were ‘Twenty Q’, ‘What is the Right Word?’ and ‘Hunt for it’ which was a surprise competition for the day. There was a movie presentation on the topic ‘What is special about the numbers 23 and 666??????????’ which just dumbstruck the viewers and made them think again whether 23 and 666 were just numbers. There was a lecture on ‘Application of I PUC Mathematics Portions’ by Mrs. Nisha Mary Thomas. There were many interesting games conducted including kakuro, in the quadrangle. Charts were also displayed in the quadrangle.

Next was the Electronics Day (27/08/2010). There was a ‘Hard Ware Exhibition’ and a classroom activity organized for the day.

All the departments on their respective days had filled up the Notice Board with exciting articles and brilliant book reviews.

Science Forum also  organized two competitions. One was a debate competition namely ‘Clash of Young Minds’ and the other was ‘Pen your Thoughts’ which was a fighting ground for our young bloggers.

The results of winners of the competitions are put up in the CJC Blog as well as on the notice board.

Durga. R and Sangeetha K. G


The following students of Christ College have submitted their Investigatory Projects to IRIS:

  1. Ashish Ranka
  2. And Bharath.W. of  I PCME H

Under the guidance of Mrs. Rashmi of Physics Department

  1. Manu George of II PCME I

Under the guidance of Mr. Kenath Arun of Physics Department

  1. Tushar Agarwal
  2. And Saurabh Siyal of II PCME I

Under the guidance of Mr. Pradeep and Mrs. Gayathri of Chemistry Department

  1. Soumya.P. of I PCMB C

Under the guidance of Mr. George Varghese of Biology Department

  1. Christy Vijay of II PCMB E

Under the guidance of Mrs. Sheela Chacko (Chemistry)

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