Another most awaited event of Colossus- Business Quiz 2010 which I titled as “Battle of Brains” witnessed an exhilarating response from all young Christites wanting to battle it out among the 200 teams that participated (yup that’s right 200!!!) to make it to the best six for the final battle. This was the first quiz organized by me and with a side-splitting response of 200 teams, thanks to the Christite spirit!

The prelims comprised of 20 questions (a customary number!) but…

It happened to be the Toughest Business Quiz Ever (!) with teams left brainstorming for every question.

Then was the moment of silence with heart beating high with expectations of qualifying into the finals just as the quiz master started off with ‘LETS BEGIN with the 6 finalists’.

The finalists were then put to a session to do quizzing with a difference.

Beginning with questions, visuals and the AAAs teams mended their brains sharp to battle it out.

Then came Logical thinking, Step by Step, Vengeance and the final one, BREAK THE CODE. The quiz was an enthralling experience, one with exciting and strange answers by participants. A quiz with difference,  it indeed was!

Aftab Arif Shivani


(Organiser of Business Quiz, 2010)

Business Quiz was held on 17th September with Aftab Arif and Ameya Talanki as the Quiz Masters. And here are the winners:

1st place: Harsh Doshi and Karan Kumar – II CAMS K

2nd place: Suma Srinivas and Ruta S – II CAMS J

3rd place: Sahana Keshav and Radhika Datt- II CAMS J

Stay smart till the next event and don’t forget to hone your skills for the next event isn’t far away!

Shruthi E.N, Student Representative, Colossus

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