Christmas is Here

Christmas is one of the best times of the year. Santa Claus, glittering stars, cribs, sumptuous cakes and decked up trees give the air a festive taste. Its a time of giving and sharing. We buy presents for our near and dear ones and send cards to the old friends and relatives who stay out of town. Its one of the most beautiful of seasons and we have a great time with family and friends. A season of joy and cheer!

But many a time, we bury ourselves in those 40% discounts and festive offers and miss out on Christmas. We hang up plastic Santas on the decked up tree but fail to remember St. Nicholas, who gave away small gifts to the less fortunate. They may have been small and seemingly insignificant, but they made someone’s Christmas very special. We buy the shiniest and costliest Christmas Crib set with gold lined edges, but fail to see that Jesus was so down to earth, He was born in a barn and Mother Mary used hay to keep him warm. We brighten our homes with serial lights and halogen-lamp lit stars but refuse to brighten someone else’s day with a kind word, a small smile or a warm touch.

Lets try to make this Christmas wonderful; not because of some hep Christmas party and a great DJ but because of the time we spent with family, friends and God. Lets not limit our Christmas cheer to cards and presents. Lets make this Christmas special by making it special for someone else.

With the aim of spreading the Christmas cheer, members of the ACC went on an Outreach programme on November 24. The programme was to an establishment that takes care of children afflicted by AIDS. We spent time with the children there, playing and praying together. It was an enriching and touching experience for all of us. We spent a fun filled and fulfilling day with them and returned after giving all of them special Christmas presents from the students of Christ Junior College

Various competitions will be held to commemorate Christmas. Bible quiz and Carol singing competition will be held  on December 8th. The eagerly awaited inter class Crib making competition will be held on the 21st.The Christmas Mass will be held at Dharmaram Chapel on the 18th. All are welcome to attend. The Christmas spirit will be taken to its zenith on the 21st when the entire college comes together for the Christmas celebration. See you all there. Merry Christmas.

Sheril Ann Jacob, Student Representative, ACC

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