Christ Junior College has been celebrating this academic year as the Year of Biodiversity and our mega science fest Cosmos was a unique opportunity for young minds to understand the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining life on earth.

We had a very special guest Prof. M.S.Ramamurthy, Professor of NIAS who graced our inaugural function. Our guests were surprised by one of our students who performed a magic show and this was a perfect start to the magical science journey that was to follow the next two days – Cosmos version 3.0- an exposition to innovation.

Cosmos primarily had two phases: Axis and Ellipse

AXIS was the battle between our fellow christites. We had our science enthusiasts joining hands with their friends to put up some amazing projects. Every class had 4 projects exhibited and we also had our commerce students with their project exhibits.

ELLIPSE was the clash between christites and students from other colleges. We had various events for the students to prove their mettle and intellect. The competitions we conducted were:

  • CRYSTALLIZE – Here, the students had to submit their investigative science papers in any science subject of their choice.
  • e-SCIENCE – We had many determined videographers who put forth some lovely science related documentaries for us.
  • MIND CHOW – This was the Science quiz. The rapid questions and the faster answers were indeed a delight to watch!
  • TRIO-FOR-A-DUO – This was something new that was looked forward by many. The event was pictionary and dumb charades of science. Students had a great deal of fun guessing the words. Indeed, it’s not easy to act out or interpret scientific terms!
  • JUNKYARD SCIENCE – Science with Scrap: This event brought out the true creativity hidden in many students and it was lovely to see the students convert waste materials to something very useful and innovative.
  • YIN YANG – This was a debate related to the controversial topics on science. Students brought out the pros and cons of various scientific developments, which was very educative and thought provoking.
  • PAPER PRESENTATION- We had many students presenting their research projects and models in this event.

With innovative exhibits, creative demonstrations, breath taking quizzes, enthusiastic presenters and most of all very encouraging judges, the spirit of healthy competition and the environment to enjoy science was created in no time.

We had a great lot of students putting their best foot forward in all the events. Over 15 colleges and schools participated this year. We had over 130 students from various colleges and many reputed research organizations including ISRO, HAL, BEML, etc., exhibiting their projects. The collective response from all students and teachers was that they really enjoyed Cosmos and found it to be extremely educative. Many students were thrilled to present their projects, see their friends present and participate in the various events. The 2 days were just wonderful for everyone who had been a part of Cosmos.

It was the third time Christ Junior College conducted Cosmos and we created the same magic as done in the past. In fact this time it was better and a lot more fun. Three cheers to all the people who made Cosmos a memorable event for all the students!

Durga.R., Student Representative, Science Forum

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