INSPIRE, Manipal Institute of Technology…

Inspire is a one week science camp conducted by the Government of India. This camp is held in the Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, which is about an hour from Mangalore. Inspire gives us a wonderful chance to “live” the science way for one whole week. We are thankful to Christ Junior College for giving us a chance to be a part of this amazing programme.

We are four students going from CJC- Bharath N(II PCME H), Zumair Khaja(IIPCME I), Grish Bathala(II PCME I), Vikas N(II PCMB D). Inspire goes on for one week, where we will be exposed to lectures from the people who have been in the world of science from a very long time, lab sessions and a chance to do science the way it has to be done. Inspire, we hope, will build in us the ability to study the laws of nature with the true spirit of science. This programme will teach us ways to explore various branches of science in a whole new manner. This trip to Manipal, we believe, will transform us into better people of science. Inspire is fun-filled, informative and inspiring. This expedition will definitely bring out the science in us!

Bharath Narayan, Student Representative, Science Forum

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