SIEMENS – Industrial Visit


Industrial visit

Anything theoretical is not well understood unless it is done practically. In a theory subject such as business studies, an industrial visit is the best way to gain knowledge. On the morning of the 22nd day of July it was quiet cold but our spirits were not dampened as we had a very exciting learning and meaningful experience.

We visited the Siemens – energy division factory at Whitefield and if our ride was good the factory was superb . We were greeted by the engineers at Siemens and taken to the first floor which housed the cafeteria and were given warm tea and coffee with crisp biscuits.     We then had an interactive session about corporate culture and the working of the plant. We were divided into three groups and were shown  the intricate working of the factory. Gas turbines which are used to generate electricity are manufactured in Germany but it is being serviced in this factory as it is cost effective. They are cleaned, welded, oiled and even polished to look as good as new. ONGC to the offshore of Assam are their customers. They have very skilled labour. All the work is done manually and it was great interacting personally with the workers. All the people at the factory in spite of their busy schedule not only took us around the factory but also answered our queries patiently.

We ended with a happy note when we were given a few eatables and we thanked them sincerely. I could see a few faces with tears and some wanting to come back for more.

Pratiksha Ashok

II cams k


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