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SCIENCE FORUM : 2011 – 2012 e – SCIENCE Science with Technology It is a competition that triggers all your sense organs to scientifically analyze the simplest of the simplest phenomena around you, using technology. Participants are expected to shoot … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Quiz!!!

This is a reminder regarding the Teachers Quiz which is to be conducted on 3rd of September 2011(Saturday). Instructions: Every team comprises of 3 team members which includes 2 Students and a Teacher. Students can enroll for this event by … Continue reading

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Results of the Inter-class Quiz!!

Here I post again, the results of the Inter-class Quiz conducted by the Quiz club on 26th August 2011. I place –    II PPES O Gautam, Saba Firdaus, Prutha Deshpande. II place –   II PCMB A Krishna Kumar, Hisham Ahmed, … Continue reading

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“Don’t ask God for what you think is good; ask Him for what He thinks is good for you.” Only 2 more days to go for the annual retreat 2011-2012 with the theme “DUNAMIS”– Rediscover the Christ in you which … Continue reading

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Results of the recently held INDIA QUIZ!!

Hey guys,  here are the results of the INDIA QUIZ held on 5th of August 2011. I place –     Mayank, Hisham Ahmed & Krishna Kumar II place –    Rohit Singh, Saba Firdaus, Prutha Deshpande III place –  Ashish Ranka, Gokul, … Continue reading

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You Are God’s Masterpiece

A man with what he thought was an amazing replica of a Leonardo da Vinci painting took his work of art to a museum.He showed the copied painting to the curator to get his reaction.The curator immediately identified the painting … Continue reading

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A Woman’s grudge, pride, arrogance can lead to…..!!

Here’s a note on the play that had been showcased by professional artists in Main Auditorium on 13th July, 2011. MITTHABAYALINA YAMUNI -WRITTEN BY D.K.CHOWTA. -TRANSLATED TO KANNADA BY BASAVARAJ SULERI PALYA. This is a drama which brings in a … Continue reading

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