My Experience

I was part of a 40-member team, comprising of representatives from Karnataka and Goa for the Thal Sainik Camp at New Delhi. The camp hosted many activities that brought out the best in the Cadets.

In one of the categories of competition, Line Area Competition, we showcased our culture and tradition which stood out. We participated in various banner and non-banner competitions and selected as winners among seventeen Directorates. To quote some of competitions, obstacle, firing, map reading, line area, volley ball, throw ball, tug of war etc. A series of lectures on first aid, self defence, fire safety and opportunities in Armed Forces were delivered for the benefit of the Cadets. A view of the display of weapons by Rajput Rifles Regiment was a learning experience in itself as these are used in the Army. A trip around the city was indeed provided a rich experience of culture and tradition. I, wholeheartedly thank National Cadet Corps (NCC) for providing me the opportunity to be a part of the programme. This will be cherished forever!

Sachin B R, NCC Cadet, II PCMB ‘B’

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