Prize Winners of Various Competitions – 2011-12


1st  Prize

Sagar D N.          I PCME I

Abhay N             I PCME I

Sandeep C         I PCME I

2nd Prize

Ashish Ranka    II PCME H

Gokul S              II PCME H

Shobith Jain      II PCME H

3rd Prize

Sahil Miglani     II PCME H

Gamini Garg      II PCME H

Ajay Sathya       II PCME H


Prerana Narahari             II PCMB C             1st Prize

Chaithanya S                    I PCME I                2nd Prize

Jyothi Kumari                   II PCMB C              3rd Prize


1st Prize

Sneha N Reddy           I PCMB E

Suchma C                    I PCMB E

2nd Prize

Abhijeeth D                       I PCMB C

Prasannavathan D K        I PCMB C

3rd Prize

Madhu Sai           I PCMB F

Sathya R              I PCMB F


1st Prize

Manya Umamahesh               I PCMB E

M c Muthamma                      I PCMB E

Swathi R                                   I PCMB E

2nd Prize

Bhanuja Bhagwat                  II PCMB B

Andrea Gomez                      II PCMB B

Punith Shankar                      II PCMB B

3rd Prize

Kshiti S Rai                             I PCMB D

Harshitha K                            I PCMB D

Sammeta Yashawini            I PCMB D


1st Prize

Varun M Terdal                   I PCME H

Rajat S                                  I PCME H

2nd Prize

Jaiprakash R                       I PCME H

Ramkumar S                       I PCME H


Best article based on theme


Winner : II PCMB C

Best Class II PU: II PCMB H

Runners Up: II PCMB C


Best Article

Chemistry: I PCMB A

Physics: I PCME I

Biology: I PCMB C

Mathematics: IPCMB F

Electronics: I PCME H

The Best Class I PUC: I PCME H

Runners Up: I PCMB C & I PCME I

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