I PUC Inauguration Ceremony

Excitement and curiosity was was in the air as the 1st  PUC  students experienced the majestic aura here at the ‘CHRIST UNIVERSITY’ auditorium. The inauguration ceremony of the 1st PUC students was an elegant one since it began on a spiritual note. Prayer offerings and readings from scriptures took place, for, the students and Principal Fr. Dr. JOSE C C  prayed for a succesful year ahead.

The ambience of the auditorium remained ambivalent as not all the students were familiar each other. Our Principal appreciated the effort that the students put into their academic life that helped them achieve the wonderful results and thus entering into the city’s best pre-university college as we know it and for those who know or have studied here at christ junior college need no introduction about the magnificant state-of the-art facilities provided to students for nuturing their  personality and for the holistic development of individuals. Father Principal also reminded the students about the strict rules that must be followed to build an outstanding identity for oneself. With that word Fr. Thomas C Matthew befuddled the young minds about the importance of envisioning their goals. The 2nd PUC students who had followed the path of hard work and perseverance in order to fulfill their goals were rewarded accordingly as the felicitation ceremony took place in a grand manner. The students were introduced to their new curiculum and various other training programmes to be conducted all throughout the year.

The inauguration ceremony came to an end with a blissful creational dance by the college Cultural team. This marked the beginning of the wonderful journey that the students were about to begin as it was elucidated to the students about the quality of education in college and collegiate activities that they will not receive elsewhere…

Navapravartan, Student Representative, SWO

Student representative:

Chirag Govinde

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