e-Science Competition

e – SCIENCE competition – Science with Technology

  •  It is a competition that triggers all your sense organs to scientifically analyze the simplest of the simplest phenomena around you, using technology.
  • Participants are expected to shoot a video of any phenomena from any area of Bangalore precisely for 3 minutes.
  • They have to explain what, why and how of the video clip through scientific concepts.
  • They should also specify the device used, place, date and time of the shooting.

How to participate?

  • A team must comprise of two members.
  • Send your registration to the email [rimmy.m@cjc.christcolleg.edu] or in person
  • Registration format [ Name, class and section, Register number, mobile number]
  • Last date for registration before 15th August 2012

Judgment details

  • There are two rounds for the competition
  • Round 1: TRAILER –(PRESENTATION ROUND) for 3 minutes
  • Round 2: CLIMAX – (QUESTION ROUND) for 2 minutes


Competition details

DATE    : 18th August 2012

VENUE: Bio lab – I

TIME     : 11.45 am

Contact: Mr. Rimmy Augustine. Room Number 310

  Note: Video for competition has to be brought in a Cd only, not in pen drive


    Sneha N Reddy, Student Representative, Science Forum

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