There are many things that we can do individually to prevent water pollution. Given below are a few ways to prevent water pollution:
  • Toxic products like paints, automobile oil, polishes, and cleaning products should be stored and disposed off properly.
  • Refrain from throwing litter into streams, lakes, rivers, or seas. If you do spot litter on beaches or in water systems, after ascertaining that it is safe, collect them and dispose off them in any nearby waste disposal system.
  • One of the simplest methods to reduce water pollution is to use less water and avoid unnecessary wastage. This will cause less water to get contaminated, ultimately causing lesser water pollution.
  • Using less artificial fertilizers and chemicals, and going in for organic farming will help in limiting water pollution, too.
  • Growing a lot of plants in your garden will ensure that the fertilizers and chemicals used are utilized there, and does not go into the nearby water bodies.
  • While going to seas, rivers, and lakes, taking the precaution of not throwing waste into them is all important. You may also like to clean up some of the litter there, which would make a small but sure difference.
                                                                  Sheeba Fathima Baqri S, I PCMB ‘C’, Member, Prakruthi
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