The New Year

The choir began its new year recently, with the annual ‘Coming of the juniors’. And they came: in swarms. The response to our posters and video at the inauguration was overwhelming. And we saw talent. Talent in multitude: from clean, polished and almost perfected talent, to raw and untapped potential. And we sat back and watched, and whispered among one another, just like our seniors did.

Our Juniors did not fail to impress. We were immediately joined by a huge group of people who were fun, friendly, and eager to learn. Our first few days of choir were spent monitoring our juniors as Ms. Sherin taught them the various choir vocal training and enhancing exercises that we work with everyday. Once the juniors were oriented with the working of the choir, we began our serious practice. With Glorious: Festival of Harmony as our goal, we began to work on a song that we wanted to perform called ‘Everywhere That I Go’ By Israel Houghton. The juniors cooperated, and we soon moved on to our own college’s prayer songs. It was not long before we were already up onstage, at the first general assembly, united as a full choir: Bursting with energy, anticipation and excitement. The result? One amazing sounding choir performance. Driven by the rush we felt onstage, we raced through the next few days, picking up new songs with apparent ease. We are proud to say that in every music event of our intra-collegiate fest: Xite 2012, there was at least one choir member taking part. The sheer talent was overwhelming. And we, as a group, are growing each day.

We get by with a little help from our friends…

Milind Yohann, Student Representative, The Choir

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