66 years of Independance

66 years ago, India came up with its constitution, stating India as a secular democratic country. Today we still are not a secular country. Starting right from your kid’s school application to contest for the elections, it is open to discrimination. How?

Well, in school admission forms, it is necessary to put in a person’s ‘caste’ and ‘religion’. This is seen in various other spheres of our daily working life. Extra reservations for the low class, extra opportunities for the backward class. Why?

When India declared herself as a secular country 63 years back, it was for a reason. It was to see every citizen inhabiting her as an India, and not as a person from a different religion or caste. So, 63 years since the Constitution came into being, there is no feeling of oneness among Indians.

I feel that a person’s religion or caste is a matter of personal choice and that it shouldn’t come in the way of peaceful living. Just because we belong to a certain community, it shouldn’t deprive us of our opportunities in society. This does not define secularism.

Secularism has been thrown down to such an extent that Indians who look different are being troubled. So, this is an issue that has to be thought about deeply, and it must be looked into. It is a mockery of our very foundation, the Constitution.

People and the Government, need to do something.

Rishika G, II HEPP ‘N’

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