Fireflies in the forest night…

On one sultring sunny July afternoon,

I was walking home from college.
And as usual, my acutely disarrayed mind 
Went world-wandering.Irrational dis satisfactions were sustained and delivered

Wih proof: Self-loathing thoughts and examples of unhappy experiences
And Happiness, she fled like a passenger in trouble;
Went parashuting.Disclaiming furiously at the laws of negative gravity,

And cynically laughing at the thought of defying it,
The mind crackled with the impossibility of tranquility;
Went soul-searching. 
Like Fireflies in the forest night, and shooting stars on a moonless night,
Alight with sparks and brightness alike,
An epiphany: Decide, and you will be happy. And Gloominess finally
Went missing. 
In search of a home, in search of a space
That we can call our own, we go hunting. 
To commit to cling, or to resolve to belong-
Its all a decision in Our making.

Shraddha Iyer, I HEPP ‘N’

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