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Magnachrista and COSMOS v.4

All great events hang by a single thread. The clever man takes advantage of everything, neglects nothing that may give him some added opportunity; the less clever man, by neglecting one thing, sometimes misses everything and so wouldn’t one want … Continue reading

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The Eco club members organised a rally on 17th of September in order to bring awareness among people about the depletion of the Ozone layer. Ozone is very important for life forms to survive on this earth as it absorbs … Continue reading

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Prerana – Kannada Event Results

Kannada Story Critics 1 place Kshithij S 2PCME H 2 place Mandhara BP 1HESP M 3 place Meghana 1 PCMB F Kannada Poetry Writing 1 place Shamanth BS 2 HESP M 2 place Durgashri 1 PCMB F 3 place Navneeth … Continue reading

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Saint of the day…

St. Mathew St. Matthew, one of the twelve Apostles, is the author of the first Gospel. This has been the constant tradition of the Church and is confirmed by the Gospel itself. He was the son of Alpheus and was … Continue reading

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Saint of the day…

St. Padre Pio Francesco was born to Giuseppa and Grazio Forgione, peasant farmers, in the small Italian village of Pietrelcina on May 25, 1887. From his childhood, it was evident that he was a special child of God. Francesco was … Continue reading

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Saint of the day ….

St. Joseph Cupertino St. Joseph was born at Cupertino, in the Kingdom of Naples, in 1603. After spending his childhood and adolescence in simplicity and innocence, he finally joined the Franciscan Friars Minor Conventual. After his ordination to the holy priesthood, he gave himself … Continue reading

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Cosmos Version 4 and Magnachrista 2012

Schedule for Day 2, September 15 Arka: The Intellectual Challenge- Science Events Event Venue Time Yin-Yang (Science Debate) Seminar Hall –Ground Floor 9:30 am Crystallize- Inter- Collegiate Science Project Competition Quadrangle, Stalls, Christ Junior Colleger 9:30 am Kalpana: Literary Events … Continue reading

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