FIESTA has for has remained one of the most awaited events of the year for us, Christites. It has for long been described fondly as a ‘Cultural Extravaganza’ It is a showcase of different forms of talents which truly shows the Christ Culture. It takes us beyond the realm of text book education and into the holistic education which Christ College stands for. Fiesta is a competitive festival where different categories of events take place.For instance, there will be cultural events such as Dance and Acoustics.

Fiesta also hosts different Artistic competitions such as Collage and Cartooning. Also one of the most famous event is the Inter Club Skit which takes place each Fiesta. This is where all the Clubs and Associations compete with each other to showcase the best skit. And lastly, the Literary events are also scheduled to take place. A famous man once said, ‘The world can be conquered by the writer’s pen’ Christites would definitely be aiming to conquer some prizes this Fiesta through literary events such as Essay Writing, Poetry etc.

FIESTA is scheduled for November and December of this year, so as we come back from the Dussera holidays all of us would be ready with bated breath to put on a showcase in this cultural extravaganza.

Aaiz Ahmed, Student Representative, Spectrum (SSA)

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