Science Forum – Inauguration

Some things are meant to be. The inauguration of Science Forum on 19/06/13 (Wednesday) in the main auditorium ushered in flurry of inspiring moments, thoughts, ideas and activities earmarked for this academic calendar. The occasion was presided by Dr. Thuppil  Venkatesh, Prof. Emeritus, St. John’s  Medical College Bangalore. He is the first Asian and the twelfth in the world to get an international award for science truth in 2010. He ignited the young minds of christites on the four stages of human development – Buddhir Vikas, Mano Vikas, Vyakthir Vikas and Atma Vikas and encouraged our students to develop their personality (Vyakthir Vikas). Our Principal, Rev.Fr Jose C.C highlighted the importance of developing good habits towards learning of science. To create curiosity and awareness, a presentation on the activities of the science forum for this academic year was screened. The documentary movie on “Water Conservation – A direct bearing of community responsibility” was truly motivating. Our heartful thanks to all of those who made the occasion sweet and a memory to cherish.

Vivek Prakash, Student Representative, Science Forum

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