Debate Competition – Results

The Results for the Debate competition held by Pierian Spring for the first year’s are :

In the first position, we have Shrisha Reddy of 1 ‘E’.

In the Second position, we have Sankeet Salecha  of 1’J’ 

And in the third position, we have Sourabh of 1 ‘O‘. 


We all know that a Debate is a formal argument, in which two opposing teams propose or attack a given proposition or motion in a series of speeches. It is governed by a set of rules, which permit interruptions or “points of information” by the opposition.

There are a huge number of different reasons to debate, from learning to make interesting arguments, to travelling to countries thousands of miles away for debating competitions. Everyone has their own reasons to debate, but here are three of our reasons why you might want to try debating.
Debating is fun – Making arguments, defending your views, winning debates in front of an audience are all exciting.
Debating creates opportunities– Debating competitions take place all over the world and so debating offers the opportunity to travel to far-flung reaches of the globe to discuss important issues with groups of people from every country in the world.
Debating gives you skills – In education and work, being able to structure arguments, make convincing analysis and present your thoughts or argument to a group are all rare and highly valued skills.

Here are 6 ways to perfect your debating skills:

1. Research: Research the subject, so that you have facts to back up your views. It helps to validate your answer so it becomes more than just your opinion.

2. Logic: Use logic to develop your case and make your points. Lead each point on from what you were previously saying. That way you build up a story and expand your answer.

3. Counter arguments: It’s always good to be prepared so consider the counter arguments in advance. That way the other side can’t catch you out and you’re always prepared

4. Keep an open mind: Be open minded and prepared to change your opinion if you the other side convinces you your argument is flawed.

5.Don’t get personal: In the heat of a debate it’s easy to lose your cool and attack the other person for having a different opinion to you. But remember they’re entitled to that opinion and just because they don’t think the same as you it’s not a bad thing.

6. Stay Focused: Stick to the subject being debated and don’t stray into other areas. It sounds obvious but it’s easy to do once you start debating.

And Good luck

Shraddha Iyer, Student Representative, Pierian Spring

About Shraddha Iyer

I am the only person in the world I should like to know thoroughly.To sit alone with my conscience will be judgement enough for me.
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