Music – Manifestation of emotions

As Victor Hugo rightly said, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”, we see the power of music transport us into worlds of fantasy and mystery, happiness and sorrow.

The universal language of music has been a mode of conveying and evoking a wide variety of emotions as that of fear, hope, elation and grief. Some pieces of music are a reflection of the composer himself or that of the audience whom he wishes to capture. A particular song or musical piece captivates us due to the feelings, emotions, people, and events we associate with.

Studies reveal that listening to the music of one’s choice increases the levels of oxytocin and decreases the level of stress hormones. It is no wonder that a good dose of enjoyable music taken before an exam, competition or stressful situation works wonders. It is a rejuvenator, has the ability to clear a clouded mind and to refocus.

Vivaldi’s masterpiece, “Four seasons” stimulates a mixture of emotions as the notes dance from the iciness of winter to the thunderstorms in summer. On the other hand, heavy metal pieces of Slayer or Metallica agitate and arouse one’s emotions sending many into a trance or confusion. It is also interesting to note that certain songs evoke different and varied emotions among different people. What seems to relax and soothe some maybe considered monotonous and dull for some others. It is, however, an undeniable fact that music is a wonderful means of invigoration and refreshing moods.

The wonders of music are explored and enjoyed by the young and old alike and by people from all parts of the world .Truly, the composers and singers of the various kinds of music give life to our dreams and fantasies, manifest our innermost thoughts, hopes and provide insight into the facets of life. From bringing tears and moving hearts to revitalizing and setting people into a trance, we see the power and wonders of music as it reflects and expresses in all its beauty the various emotions of man.

Rini Jacob, Student Representative, The Choir

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