Science is not just about gaining knowledge but using our wisdom in applying the gained knowledge in various fields for the betterment of the society. Science is about producing hypothesis and our way of approaching or thinking in order to prove the hypothesis. Personally, I feel that college is the place where we as science amateurs are taught the correct way of approaching science. Such a platform was provided to me and my fellow students at the science quiz,  which was held on 26/07/2013.

In the first round, my teammates and I were tested on our general knowledge. Fortunately, my team was one of the eight teams selected out of 30 teams.t  The first one being “comic time”. This round contained simple twisted science questions presented to us in the form of a comic. The next round contained a set of related questions, we had to figure out the theme which turned out to be “Ratan Tata” and the answers to the individual was completely based on science fiction serials. In this round, the weakest team could select a question and present it to the corresponding team with the highest score and vice versa. In the next round, we were shown four sets which in turn contained 3 pictures, which  were connected to a theme and the them was “Cars”. We had to identify which car the picture had represented.

All’s well that ends well. It turned out to be a great quiz. Fortunately our team was qualified for quizzing and we took the third position. My team-mates and I had great fun.


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