Exposure Visit

“It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act.”- His Holiness The Dalai Lama

On Saturday, 27th July, we, the CSA volunteers visited the Janakiramnagar slum in Kammnahalli and it was truly an experience to remember.

When we reached the area, we were taken to the activity center and were introduced to two of the animators who worked there. We were divided into groups of two and were taken around the area. We interacted with the children and the families inhabited the area. We were able to witness first hand, the living conditions of the area. It was definitely a sight, which I for one, would never forget.

We spoke to quite a few women who lived there. We mainly spoke to them about their children and asked them if their children were studying. It felt really good to hear that they all took their child’s education seriously.

We mostly spoke to the families whose children were being sponsored by the Activity Center. I was even fortunate enough to meet one of the teachers who worked at the center. She told me about the process of how the Activity Center chooses children to sponsor and that there were currently two hundred and fifty students who studied at the center!

After exploring the area, we got back to the main office where we got to see the second hand cloth shop unit and the unit where they make bags out of recycled material and sell the bags there.

For me, the best part of this trip was getting to interact and hang out with the children who lived there. They were incredibly bright, very friendly, slightly mischievous, and could make you fall in love with them in an instant. We spoke to them about their friends, the games they played and even their studies. It was amazing how enthusiastic they were about their education compared to most children their age these days. Given a chance, I could have hung out with them for forever and there would never have been a dull moment.

This visit was like an adventure. I had a lot a fun, met the most amazing and inspiring people, made quite a few special memories and learnt a very valuable lesson which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Vidisha Shetty, Student Representative, CSA

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