Best Manager’13!

After a gap of two weeks, due to the term examinations, Colossus was back on its way and the competition for Best Manager was conducted amidst Great Spirit and enthusiasm.
Every Christite’s latent managerial abilities came into light and as many as 30 participants left no stone unturned to reach the finals.
But only 8 could make it there and surprisingly, 5 were from first years. The final was an intense and a complicated round of stress interview, where the participants still kept their cool and came out as true managers. However, only three spots could be won and
The first place went to a student from II CAMS K
The second place was bagged by a student from I CAMS K
And the third place was shared by students from II CAME L and I CAMS K
The points table gets more interesting after every passing competition and the classes have pulled up their socks to bring out the best in them.
Many more events are still in the bag so keep calm and work hard!

Mehul Mehta, Student Representative, Colossus

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