Glorious –A melodious celebration

Billy Joel rightly said,” Music in itself is healing, an explosive expression of humanity. It is something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we are from, everyone loves music.”The vibrant and enthusiastic choir of Christ Junior College presented the melody of love for music and harmony of thanksgiving through the 22nd Glorious festival of harmony that took place on August 10th.

The musical festival saw performances ranging from pure harmony gospel, jazz, contemporary music, hymns to western pieces, all bringing together the hearts and voices of music lovers at the St. Germain High School ground.

As we embraced Nature’s blessings through a slight drizzle,we sang “When I think of You”(Yahweh) by Michael W. Smith reflecting the love of God through praise and accord. It turned out wonderful as we mesmerized the audience with the fine beats of this tuneful piece.

As the strumming of the guitar reverberated through the soulful notes of the flute, the Junior college choir transported the audience to the ethnic world of music through “Yatra”-by Amit Trivedi(Coke Studio), a song about the everyday journeys where we follow the dreams that moves us forward while the memories keep us rooted. Musically, it pairs an unlikely duo with African backing voice palettes and a South Indian keerthanam. The venue echoed the applause of the audience as we took a bow and wrapped up with a smile on our faces.

With a repertoire of various genres of music being staged by the 31 different groups, this year’s Glorious turned out to be a beautiful success with everyone coming together to embrace  the beauty of the heart and  voice-Music.

Rini Jacob, Student Representative, The Choir

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