My Field trip with CSA

As we near the end of any day, we always look forward to going home. But this Monday was unusual to each one of us. This Monday, brought in a transformation in our perspective of our institution. As we all know, CSA is one of the most active clubs in our college. They have been known for the various activities that they have been conducting which has always resulted in changing the lives of hundreds of the poor. What we saw in that one hour, was unique and thoughtful steps taken by CSA. First we visited compost tank sector of our college. Each day tons of waste is being generated by the college and this just doesn’t go into the vehicles of BBMP to nowhere.  But, this waste is being segregated by a group of women and decomposable waste is being converted into manure by the process of compost pits. The money gained out of the sale of this manure is the income for the women working here. We couldn’t bear the stench for few minutes, but the truth is that there are people who toil there and segregate the waste every two hours. This shows us the true reason why the college emphasizes so much on waste segregation. it is important that each one of us contribute the little we can. Subsequently, we moved on to the paper making sector where we saw  how our answer  sheets and other used papers, photos frames and journals left us awestruck. We all drink Tropicana, Bejois and many other tetra packs juices without thinking about what happens to them after we throw them in dustbin. Well, this came as a little shock to all of us, there were bags being made out of it by women in one of the slums CSA has been aiding. Next we saw the bio gas plant of Christ. Here, there is about 30 hours of gas generated every day from the two plants, one of all the wastes that we throw and other of just cow dung. With the gas rates going up every now and then, this is an excellent measure taken by out college which is not only financially helping but also doing well to the environment. Lastly, we stopped at water treatment plant. This water treatment is done by a series of steps involving various machinery. This plant converts all the water from our washrooms to lean water which is purely being used for agriculture and washing the animals only. All these years, water which was just going down the drain but today, we cannot afford to waste anything and this treatment plant came to our rescue. All these measures not measures not only help our environment but provide job opportunities as wee. Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers of the children who go to school just because of child sponsorship program, are being provided with jobs in all these plants. This gives a ray of hope towards a better living the families who have been struggling to make ends meet all these years. CSA should be lauded for all the remarkable work that they have been doing all these years. It has definitely borne fruits in one way or the other. CSA has the ability to put their thoughts into action and hence, they made a difference. This field trip made us proud to be a part of CJC and we shall all do our part to contribute more to this huge success.

Akshaya Govind, Student Member, II PCMB D

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