Water , Water Everywhere
and not a drop to drink
This is not mere illusion,
Should make us mortals think. . . .

My cup is painfully plenty
and other’s woefully empty
‘The chosen one’s’ use everydrop
of Mannah from heaven,
and grow
We are the children of River’s seven
Mournfully they flow
Generations Sang,their glory and wonder
Paradox,with impurity we outrage & Plender

We need to learn from,
The chosen one’s* now,
who learnt to share,b’cause,
they inherited less
We do not Care,b’cause,
we got the best
The father was right indeed,
There’s enough for our need
But. . . . .
Never for our greed

10 AUGUST 2013
[*The chosen one’s here are Israelite Jews]

Adithya G V, Student Representative, Prerana

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