Global warming is defined as an average increase in earth’s temperature, which causes various changes in climate and increases overall air and water temperature which if continues will surely affect life on earth. The causes of global warming mainly depends on green house gases and most importantly it is emitted by human beings in various ways. The primary green house gas carbon dioxide is emitted by human beings through usage of fossil fuels. Methane is also one gas which causes global warming and it spreads in the earth’s atmosphere when coal or oil is mined from digging the earth and the gas escapes in the earth’s atmosphere.

Now, in present scenario global warming is a very serious concern for scientists and environmentalists and if it is not tackled or challenged soon then it can result in severe climatic changes which will affect all living things on earth.

It is the need of the hour to prevent global warming but its not very easy as sincere and conscious efforts of everyone can curb global warming. The steps that needed to be taken and measures that needed to be followed to prevent global warming are highlighted as follows:
1. The dependence on fossil fuels should be reduced as much as possible as it is primary reason for global warming. This can be done in several ways like traveling through public transport and to cover shorter distance prefer walking or biking.
2. Energy efficient products should be purchased like motorcycles or cars that gives more mileage should be purchased and use incandescent light instead of fluorescent lamps as it consumes 75% energy less than incandescent light .
3. Products that can be recycled should be used more as it can reduce in-disposable wastes which causes global warming. Recycling used products consumes up to 60% less energy compared with producing new products with raw materials.
4. Trees should be planted in our surroundings wherever vacant lands are available as it is one of the best way to combat global warming as trees absorb carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen.
5. Electricity should be saved as much as possible by switching off the electrical appliances when not in use & water should also be conserved as a lot amount of energy is required to process fresh water.
6. Last of all social awareness about global warming should be spread among people and harmful effects and prevention measures should be explained to everyone.
We must realize that it is our duty to protect the earth and hence prevent global warming.

Safaa Habib, Student Representative, Eco club, I PCMB ‘B’

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