Magnachrista…The end!

Magnachrsita 2013-The Magnum opus of talents comes to an end. As many as 16 colleges participated in this fest spanning 2 days hosting more than 15 events. The events ranged from Science Quiz to Indian Music group.

The participation was satisfactory. There were a few stage events all the colleges looked forward to participating. The second day was also the celebration of ethnic day for all the Christites. Everyone were excited to be a part of the celebration. The stalls added to the excitement of Magnachrista. There were food stalls and even game stalls. Cupcakes Soft drinks chaats were of great demand. There was a feel of festival all around the campus. The decoration made Magnachrista even more spectacular.

Magnachrista was a grand success. The preparations for next year’s Magnachrista starts from now. Thanks to everyone who made this fest a beautiful one.

Abhishek Nagraj Rao, Student Representative, SWO

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