Film Club

Films are one of the greatest means through which a story teller can tell a story. Films have a way of captivating the audience like no other form of media. When you watch a movie, at first it’s just about entertainment. However you soon begin to think about it. You begin to think about the how and where the movie was shot. You begin to think about the various characters and their motives. You begin to think about the subtle themes implied by the movie. For those of you who fit the above description and want to see more, Ayman Hamzaki and Abhiram Pasumarthy of II PPES ‘O’ have started the ‘Film Club’.

A new addition to the SSA which has started only this year, the ‘Film Club’ screens a movie every week and discusses every single aspect of it. The kinds of movies shown includes art films, foreign films, old films and cult classics. Movies shown so far includes, Beasts of a Southern Wild, 12 Angry Men, El Bola and many more.
Film Club is held every Monday and Friday from 2.45 to 3.45 in Room No. 117.

Abhiram, Student Representative, Spectrum

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