World Literacy Day

Knowledge is the supreme purpose of every life. It is the inevitable and most valuable power in this whole universe. St. Thomas Aquinas has rightly said “Beware the man of a single book.”

Every citizen of the country should have basic literacy to enhance their opinions on all political and social issues happening around him. It is a vital part of the development of every individual nation. Unfortunately one in every five adults is illiterate and two third of them are women. This shows the connection between illiteracy, prejudice against women and the backwardness (ignorance) of the society. To create the awareness among the people and to initiate the change in the perspective of the society, UNICEF has observed 8th September as World Literacy Day.

CSA (Center for Social Action) has taken initiative to spread the awareness of Literacy among both educated and non educated groups so that every literate individual can contribute to the world by teaching the illiterate and expanding the horizon of the minds of people. On 6th of September CSA had organized a cultural program including a theme dance and a call for second hand book campaign. It was a great success as the efforts of the volunteers and the idea behind their theme dance had efficiently reached the students. CSA does not appreciate preaching alone instead it believes in the power of execution and complete social action. This is the reason behind the big success of ‘Child Sponsorship Program’. We hope that the support of Christites is always with us to bring a change in the society together.

Sai Shravan, Student representative, CSA

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