Camp Review

This is one of the most awaited and enthusiastic days in CSA. A day which brings all the CSA cadets together and takes them to the people for whom each one of us work for and for whom CSA works together. Yes it is surely a day of excursion to one of the project areas of CSA and moreover it was an overnight camp.

On 30th September 2013 all 30 volunteers boarded the bus and reached our destination ‘Yelachamanahalli’ a village near Hoskote. The woods around the village were mesmerizing and the environment in the village was serene, calm and meditating. We were by two of the CSA coordinating teachers of CJC,  Mr. Pradeep Joshi and Miss Rebecca.

CSA Team with CoordinatorsOur motto of the trip was to know about the people in the village and to analyze the issues that they had been facing and also to suggest a viable solution to it. On this basis a few activities were planned for us. The task given to us was to make a survey of the village on varied socioeconomic backgrounds and present it through a map of the village. Initially Mr. Vinay, Student Coordinator of CSA, divided the mass into a few teams and briefed about the task. Each team had quickly brain stormed about their respective plans and stepped out for their execution. Language was never a barrier to communicate because each team had at least one person who knew their colloquial language. As we went to the village and spoke to each and every individual, we got to know more about their financial and infrastructural conditions, their occupations, and their access to basic health facilities etc. On the basis of our surveys the main occupation of the village was to work as a laborer in the stone industry and they did not get daily employment. Though they practiced agriculture of ragi, all the produce was for self consumption. Thus their level of income is very low and its seasonal. Sometimes it was really stunning to see 4 generation people living under a common roof and sustaining on meager incomes. One very appreciable matter was that the number of drop outs from schools was zero which means every child in the village is getting at least primary education. SHGs’ initiated by CSA had created a strong backbone the financial condition of the village. Thus it is the true example of effect of development in micro finance on rural India.

At the end of the day we had delicious food, chit chats and some goose bump stories in the night and had lot of fun.

Next day, we were taken to an ‘Anganwadi’ school in the neighboring village where weStudent Members with School Children had a great time with the kids. The main attraction of the school was its student friendly environment and its maintenance. The school had different play equipments in the play ground, green plants all around the place and most importantly its hygienic sanitation facility. Their study curriculum called as ‘Kalinali’ means ‘ learn through play’ is very innovative. The time spent with them talking to them and playing with them was really a memorable one for each one of us.

Thanks to CSA to show us the real village life, its problems, its people and it rich culture. I also thank them for motivating the spirit of ethical responsibility towards the appeasement of underprivileged fellow beings.

Sai Shravan, Student Representative, CSA

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