Life never blossoms alone
You’re the tip of all dreams ever shown
None has ever found your beginning
You’re the only lubricant for the human Engine

You form most early surface
in you. Nature buries its grace
You echo the story of birth.
And you proclaim the elegance of  Mother earth.

Everyday, Every Night
You remain as the silver chain
You flow amidst our own vein
And diminish human pain

From the cradle to the graveyard.
You flourish our dreams my riad
From Indus to Nile,
For generations you’re preserved a smile

You’ve seen our ancestors unwind
And have been as extolled gift for mankind
In you are hidden our passions deep
You store the feelings intense hidden in every weep.

You’ve held our beliefs tight,
amidst every King & his fight
We can’t be without you.
we stand up for a challenge New.
Let us together and protest this slaughter.
To save the water!
To save the living beings.



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