ISRO Visit – A Report


The visit to ISRO was an exquisite opportunity extended to the students of the science stream of Christ junior college. Even the probability of visiting ISRO, also called the “INDIAN NASA” ignited excitement with us.

Around 30 students, accompanied by 2 teachers from the science department, on 24th October, at about 9am, left for ISRO

When we reached the location, a little before noon, we were given ID cards and passed through a security check before we were led inside.

An engineer of ISAAC (research laboratory of ISRO) guided our way through the exhibition of demo satellites and explained to us about the basic mechanics involved in rocket science.

We were familiarized with the basic concepts we study in physics and chemistry in our own classrooms!

We learnt about the different types of satellites that orbit the earth and also saw the successful ‘dummy ‘satellites built in our country. We saw the Aryabhata, Chandrayan I, Rohini, PSLV’s, GSLV’s and lots more!!!!!!!!!!.

Over all, the visit to the ISRO was an educating experience and thrilling for us science students, after all we are the ones who study the ‘mechanics’ involved in the very existence of the universe!

Vivek Prakash, Student Representative, Science Forum

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