SYNCHRONIZE – Inter collegiate Science Fest

SYNCHRONIZE (Inter collegiate Science Fest)

Christ Junior College students participated in Synchronize, inter collegiate science fest organized by Bishop Cotton’s Boys School and emerged victorious in many events.
Event X (2nd Place) &  Quest (3rd Place)
1. Nishanth Reddy –I PCMB E 1. Nischay Agarwal- II PCMB C
2. Samrudh- I PCME H 2. Arun Kumar- II PCMB A
3. Shashank M- II PCMB G 3. Geetha- II PCMB C

Dexterity (1st place)
1. Hijazi – I PCME I
2. Ashish – I PCME H

Blood Work (2nd Place)
1. Rachel David- II PCMB C
2. Simra Siraj- II PCMB C
3. Manisha –II PCMB C
4. Krushi- II PCMB C

Clash Of the Titans (1st Place)
1. Richa Rebello – II PCMB A
2. Pranav Shivram- I CAMS K

Vivek Prakash, Student Representative, Science Forum

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