My literature moment

My teacher asked me to come up with a literature moment… When I fell in love with literature… How… When… Why… I thought I’d be a punctual student for once and actually write this down.
I remember we were doing this poem in school. I don’t remember the author or the poem. I think it was Robert Louis Stevenson and it was about going on a train. After we finished reading the poem I remember thinking, “Why couldn’t I have written this poem? Why didn’t these thoughts come into my head? In this rhythm. And if for a moment, if only for a moment, I felt as if all the literature in the world was mine, if only I could understand it, because I could feel how the author felt when he wrote it and it was such a wonderful feeling of being one with all that the world ever created in literary form. Unfortunately, this beauty acknowledgment turned into a frustration that i could not produce material as worthy as the text itself.
A similar incident occurred many years later when i was studying “In the secular night” by Margaret Atwood. I felt that she had embalmed all that I wanted to write that day when I read the poem. But today, the feeling was relief and an excitement that i could understand a writer’ voice so excruciatingly well that I didn’t have to explain in words what I had understood silently.
This encompasses my journey in literature, from one moment to another, where I have looked at the same incident differently each time, evolving and growing in the process.
Shraddha Iyer, Student Representative, Pierian Spring 

About Shraddha Iyer

I am the only person in the world I should like to know thoroughly.To sit alone with my conscience will be judgement enough for me.
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