Academics @ CJC

The prime focus of an Institution is academic excellence. Christ Junior College mirrors its academic excellence through a team of dedicated faculty who work in compliance with the vision, excellence and service. The faculty is highly competent with the latest developments in the respective disciplines and caters to the different learning levels of the students thus channelizing young minds towards achieving academic goals. The teaching methodology followed is student-centered which brings out overall development of young Christites. The academic programmes are designed in compliance to the Department of Pre University Education, Karnataka pattern to provide the best education to students in search of a fine Pre University education.

The adoption of the National Science Curriculum (NSC) by the Department of Pre University Education, Karnataka from the academic year 2012 is well known. This has established connections between classroom teaching and phenomena in daily life and has also made learning a more exciting experience altogether. The integration of positive values, attitudes, life skills and aesthetic sensibilities of a learner has gone a long way in moulding students to make a mark in the society.

In today’s world, emergence of Information Technology (IT) has made it necessary for one and all to be better equipped to face the challenges. The blend of IT and Education has opened many vistas of opportunity in sharing knowledge. At Christ Junior College (CJC), the II PU students are given an opportunity to access subject-related information, online, through an e-learning system, Learning Management System (LMS). Students with their username and password may not only access resources, related to their subjects, but also, take part in a plethora of activities like assignments, quiz, blog, forum etc.

Overall, CJC’s academic atmosphere has enabled many a former Christite great achievers and the journey continues…

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